How Much of Creatinine Levels Need Dialysis

According to creatinine, GFR, CCR values, kidney disease can be divided into five stages. In the fourth stage of creatinine: 707umol / L> = serum creatinine> = 443umolL / L, some patients choose dialysis to prevent their condition from deteriorating.

Although dialysis is important in maintaining their lives, dialysis can not cure kidney failure. The patient must have a dialysis of 2–3 times per week for the rest of his life. I think nobody wants to spend the rest of his life on the dialysis machine.

If the renal function can be restored, creatinine will automatically reduce. How to restore renal function? Traditional Chinese medicine is the treatment of the root cause, and the recurrence rate. More importantly, traditional Chinese medicine on the human body without stimulation or side effects, this natural and healthy way in the world popular. Many foreign patients come to China to try Chinese medicine therapy.

Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital is a professional hospital for the treatment of kidney disease, over the years committed to the study of kidney disease and Chinese herbal medicine, according to our philosophy, we formed a special therapy.

As an example. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is all-round check, the doctor based on the results of the prescription, combined with a variety of Chinese herbal medicine prepared from the package. The doctors put them on the skin corresponding to the kidney. Drug molecules are heated to penetrate into the kidneys in this way, the patient can get direct and adequate treatment. It has the function of blood swelling, anti-inflammatory, anti-freeze, ECM degradation and thus improve the process of renal fibrosis blocking of GFR, renal blood circulation.

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