Must Kidney Failure Patient Have Dialysis for Treatment

As the early symptoms of kidney disease is not obvious, easy to be ignored, many patients with kidney disease found himself sick when the disease has been developed to the period of chronic renal failure. Once the examination of chronic renal failure, kidney disease patients are generally recommended dialysis, but chronic renal failure must do dialysis treatment? Dialysis is the only therapy for chronic renal failure?

In fact, for patients with chronic renal failure, dialysis is not the only option. Due to kidney failure, no way to discharge the body’s metabolism of waste and toxins, resulting in increased levels of harmful substances in the blood, the concentration increases. Dialysis is a way to filter the body’s blood in vitro. Dialysis instrument in the use of semipermeable membrane when the blood is filtered away from the harmful substances in the blood filter to achieve the purpose of purifying the blood. Excessive toxins in the body can damage the various organs of our body, causing varying degrees of complications. So dialysis can help patients reduce the incidence of complications, to a certain extent, effectively extend the lives of patients. But long-term dialysis can also cause a series of other diseases, such as imbalance syndrome, severe hypotension, headache and even coma. So dialysis for patients with chronic renal failure is both a treatment, but also a way of chronic suicide.

With the continuous progress of science, the continuous development of medicine, today’s medical standards have been greatly improved than before, chronic kidney failure treatment also took a step on the steps. After years of research and clinical trials, a hospital with 26 years of professional treatment of nephropathy has created immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is aimed at regulating the body’s immune system, improve the body’s immune system and self-healing force to achieve the purpose of repair damaged kidney tissue. Immunotherapy to have Huoxuetongluo, Qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, supplemented by the way to achieve the balance of Chinese and Western yin and yang. In addition, because immunotherapy is a complete set of scientific treatment system, the entire treatment process will not bring any side effects and unnecessary damage to the human body.

Chronic renal failure than to do dialysis, but patients with chronic renal failure due to the body has a lot of toxins, other organs, especially the heart and brain are vulnerable to injury, so timely and effective treatment is to delay the vital life of the necessary measures.

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