Airsoft Rules -7-Step Guide To Getting Started

Airsoft games have been lingering on your bucket list and you feel it’s time you tasted the waters. That’s awesome. Airsoft games are great hobbies and many people love them.
The good thing is, you only have to be at least eight years to play. Before ‘the basic guide to getting started in airsoft’, let’s learn a few key points first.

Airsoft Pistol

What Is Airsoft?

After watching ‘Expendables’, I felt like I also wanted to feel the adrenaline of being at the war front. My friends and I wanted to play the movie. So, we had to use a fake set, props, and costumes.

Airsoft games are like paintball. They are military simulated games whereby players take part in mocking combat with the original military style weapons like guns and tricks. Airsoft guns are replicas of the real guns and unlike paintball; they use plastic round BBs to hit.
Airsoft made it possible for us to imitate expendables.

Knowing Airsoft Game Types

Well, there are many airsoft games and pardon me if I fail to mention all of them. Just to highlight;

  • Capture the flag
  • Bomb
  • Free for all
  • Hostage rescue
  • President
  • Zombies
  • Alien
  • Search and destroy
  • King of the hill
  • Team death match

How To Use The Best Airsoft Pistol

Here are some tips and guidelines on how to use your airsoft pistol the right way and use it for as long as possible;

Before playing any game, you should ensure that your gun is in the right shape, if it is not in shape and you can fix it, then do so. If it’s really damaged, get a new one.

  • Once you have a perfect in shape gun, it’s time to switch it on, but first, find the safety button.
  • How will you fire an empty pistol? Before firing it at anything or anyone, load it first by pulling out the spring at the front of the clip and pack BBs in their space until it’s full.
  • Get the handle back into the gun and cock it.
  • Aim the pistol by looking through its sights. Sights are two notches on the back and at the front. For perfect targeting, you line them up.
  • When the sighting is achieved, you are ready to fire. Just switch the safety button off and let your fingers rest on the trigger. You can fire by pulling the trigger.

Airsoft Rules

Just like any other game, airsoft too has rules that are meant to guide you in playing. Also, remember that these rules are not general, they do not encompass all games or regions. Some of them differ. The only thing that makes these rules stand out is that they are the basic ones. Let’s take a look;

Eye Protection

Keep eye protection on; don’t be tempted to remove them. I know sometimes you may feel like they obscure you or they could be tiring. But don’t worry; while in the safe zone or when the game is over you can scrub them off your face.
The BBs could bring a complication to your site. Also, keep in mind that normal eyeglasses are not helpful like protective wear. Eyeglasses simply do not meet safety standards. Good eye protection wraps around your face, protecting your eyes from all angles and staying in one position.

Follow Instructions

The moderator is the person in control of the game. He or she guides you in conflict solving, starting and ending the game, showing safety items and places. Please don’t be alarmed; this is a simple rule that was created to ensure the game stays smooth and fun.

Safe Zones

Airsoft games are played in battlefields. Most battlefields have safe zones. Well, safe a zone is not a cliché, it’s just a simple area where no weapons are allowed. If you keep in mind this easy rule, you may fall out of the game.

Safety kill

To attain a safety kill, just ensure your range is twenty feet. Pull out your weapon, target, and shoot.

Knowing the Hit

When you’re BB hits your opponent’s clothing, weapon or body. When you achieve this, just shout “Hit’” and raise your pistol above your head to confirm your acclamation. If you fail to say Hit, then you could be evicted from the game for dishonesty.

Blind man

When someone shouts blind man, it means he or she could be injured or has a problem. When such a time comes, you just withdraw your pistol and wait for the moderator’s instruction for you to proceed with the game.


While carrying around your gun (when you are outside the battlefield zone) make sure it is safe. For instance, you could put it in its case or its original packaging box. This way, you won’t be able to fire falsely. You can also ask the moderator to help you ensure safe transport.


Now you know airsoft games are designed for fun, making movies or videos, training for the military. It doesn’t mean that you do not get to be careful, especially with the best airsoft pistol like you would with a real firearm.
I know I’ve taken you through a comprehensive guide. But remember to search and learn more about airsoft as you advance in this enchanting field.

I hope you have some tips on how to pick one for yourself and that you really have one game in mind. Don’t you? As much as you have various options of games to pick from, remember the rules differ in each one of them. Makes sure the one you choose is the best and you have the appropriate gear.

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