A selection of all-time 30 documentary films focusing on Animal Rights, anti-speciesism, animal empathy and social change for non-humans.

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A few of the titles included in IMDB’s Animal list.

Around five years ago, I was researching, reading and watching everything there is about Animal Rights, while preparing myself to film undercover my documentary Santa Fiesta (2016). Back then, I wasn’t even a vegan, so my comfortable existence was going to get a pretty solid spin. Not only because twelve months of watching animal cruelty and death in the countless religious celebrations we have in Spain would convert me to the cause. But also because my appetite for original creative and socially rebel documentaries would start a new collection: Animal Rights films.

Even though a lot of post-millennials still think we can find everything online, the truth is that once you start selecting a particular subject on documentaries, a lot of interesting material is not available. Coming from music collecting on vinyl, I know all about the dedication one needs to complete an artist, style or theme. …


Miguel Angel Rolland

Journalist, documentary filmmaker, into good stories, social impact, animal empathy, vegan life, travel, music.

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