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There are many things we can’t possibly see when we make a choice. The immediate result is clear and straightforward but the many ramifications from that choice, well, those are difficult to foresee, aren’t they?

And yet, I have found that sometimes, those ramifications and collaterals bring the most pain in the long term. The things you can’t expect or the things you anticipated but underestimated how much they would impact you.

Should you take it in stride accepting that they are a consequence of your choices? Or should you wallow and despair because of what is happening?

I think…

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There’s a phrase I always say to my friends whenever there’s a breakup or ghosting. “When they give you bread every day and it suddenly stops, you’re bound to miss the bread.”

In this context, I mostly refer to those daily messages they would receive from the other person. Those small but heartwarming things that let you know that they care, that they’re thinking of you (even if it’s just a way to get into your pants).

I had never thought about it in the context of my long-distance relationship. …

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Sometimes I wish I could quiet my brain as easily as I can silence my mouth.

I’ve made an art out of swallowing my words, even if they cut the insides of my throat and leave me bleeding only through my tears, much less dramatic and alarming in their transparent color.

I wish I could stop feeling sad about the uncertainty, scared about the future, hesitant about speaking. Always fearful I will say the wrong thing, touch the wrong nerve, and upset those I care about.

It is tricky to be yourself while trying to protect everyone from any minuscule…

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On rare but painful days, love can feel like an expanding force, threatening to crack my ribs as it tries to grow, taking as much space as possible. It hurts and it builds, just like growing pains did, leaving a stronger me in its wake.

A couple of times, it has been more like a burn, consuming me from the inside out, overtaking my thoughts, trying to erase everything else from existence. But it’s not eternal fire, this fire roars and then quickly dies.

Every now and then, it will be like a constant wave, rising and falling, never enough…

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Malú had been working as an engineer in Venezuela for about a year. She was comfortable where she worked, with other female engineers as part of her team, despite it being a male-dominated field. All seemed to be going well despite the constant turmoil in Venezuela when her whole life and sense of safety were forever changed. After her boyfriend dropped her at her home one night, she got a dreaded call that has almost become the norm for many Venezuelans.

Her boyfriend had been kidnapped on his way back home. The popular method of kidnapping in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital…

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Oh, I thought I had it.

After years of struggles with the mirror and learning to love me with all my beauties and imperfections, I thought that dragon had been slain.

I was the queen of my body and weight fluctuations were not going to bother me. No, sir!

I was going to the gym, eating healthy, enjoying my cheat meals completely guilt-free. I was a free woman! Not dominated by the beauty standards I grew up with.

Until, of course, the coronavirus came.

No gym, no daily walks through the wonderful city I live in, no amazing cheat meals…

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Nelson had been living his entire life in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He had developed an amazing group of friends since high school, friendships that had lasted well into adulthood. He had a very close-knit family, with cousins living right next door. He and his friends had always dreamt of buying houses in the same gated community one day so that their kids could play together.

However, as Venezuela would have it, Nelson’s friends had to leave the country one by one, until only his family and brothers remained.

Nelson had achieved what was part of his life-long dream, which was becoming…

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If I could reach through the screen and somehow reach you after turning myself into a million bytes, I would do so. Only if this would allow me to be closer to you.

If I could be the one who invents teleportation, I would dedicate all of my hours just to focus on this, even though I hate physics. I would do it anyway not because of the glory but because I miss your closeness.

Flying had never been something I badly wanted, but now I want to know where my wings are, and why I can’t use them to…

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Adriana had been an honors student her entire life. She graduated from medical school with a Magna Cum Laude degree in December 2015, and she felt ready to take on the world. Right after graduation, she started her mandatory rural practice in Venezuela.

The reality of medical practice in a country going through an economic and humanitarian crisis was not something easy to endure. Despite the lack of essential drugs that would allow her to treat her patients, Adriana gave her very best. She would take the long drive to get to her place of work and do what she…

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At 28 years old, Aarón has a physical reminder of how close he came to dying on June 19, 2017. After months of protesting in Caracas with his girlfriend, Mariell and other university students against Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian regime, they were aware of how quickly the violence was escalating. However, it wasn’t until he found himself inside a brown truck being checked by the doctors of the Cruz Verde organization that he realized he was a gunshot victim of the Venezuelan National Guard.

The Venezuelan population had been undergoing a humanitarian crisis that reached a boiling point in 2017. Maduro’s…

Mila Rojas

Venezuelan citizen of the world. Trying to understand our crazy planet and appreciate all it has to offer

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