Don’t you think it’s a great day to build a sandcastle? “Oh, what is that you say?” What is a sandcastle? Well, a sandcastle is a work of art made of sand and imagination. Remember you are the Queen or King of your sandcastle.

You could daydream and make it your own, out of your head, made by your hands out of sand. So are your ready to start your sandcastle? “Yes”, O.K. let’s build a sandcastle today.

This is what you need:

  1. Plenty of sunscreen and imagination.
  2. A Pile of Sand — (You could use a Beach for that one)
  3. A Small Shovel would be handy. If you do not have a shovel a seashell would do just fine.
  4. A Trowel or Wide Putty Knife or Spatula. (A good idea also would be to have a Cake Decorating tool and a Melon Ball tool). This would help you create Sculptures in the sand.
  5. Some Buckets or Pales. Different in size (Small, Medium and Large).
  6. Cups of all sizes for molding.
  7. A Straw for blowing out sand to form windows, doors and steps.


Build up the shape with your hands-start with a mound from the shovel.

Cut the damp sand (you must mix the sand with a pale of Ocean Water, not to much or it will be to muddy too work with) cleanly with a trowel or spatula. Smooth up a frosting of very wet sand.

A good idea would be to cut the bottom of the bucket so that you do not have a vacuum effect when turning the bucket to release the moist and damp sand.

Load buckets even to their tops. When putting damp sand on smaller buckets, overload this way when scraping the tops it evens out.

Turn it over.

Lift off the bucket and form.

Now, it’s time to build the wall.

Walls are the curtains of safety around your stronghold.

Mound up sand and shape with your hands.

Shape into the form of the wall.

Walls are the curtains of safety around your stronghold.

Mound up sand and shape with your hands.

Shape into the form of the wall.

With the tool you are using, cut down, across, and lift out walk, steps and bridges for your guards.

History of Castles (Mid-evil Times)

When building a Castle you have to keep in mind. Who were the generations who form the Castle Families in medieval times? These were heroes and also villains at the time.

The building of a real true castle needed workers of all walks of life. The chief and his soldiers lived within it, protected by the Moat, Mound Walls, and their own Arrows and Swords. The times were violent; the Warlords had to protect his men, his treasure, and his life.

One of the first Castles in Old England was the Norman Keep. It was a simple Tower. It had one entrance high above the ground. The ground floor had a Storeroom for Food and Wine and Treasure with Trap Doors to the Main Hall above. The entrance led into the Main Hall. Down in the Basement there were thick walls (12 to 16 Feet). There was a room called the Pit, it was a tiny bottle-shaped room for Prisoners enterad from above by a Trapdoor (it was No Fun in the Pit).

What did a Castle defend against?

The Castle thick walls protected the King and Queen. It defended the peace inside its walls. A castle kept food and drink to last through long sieges, but most of all it carefully kept peace.

If you want to learn more about sandcastles, you can read this book called “The Art and Industry of Sandcastles” by Jan Adkins. Who knows, you might even find yourself someday at the beach in a Sandcastle Competition Contest.

Well, it’s time to get started, have Fun and Good Luck!

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