After months passed.. I realized that they dont like me. I have no idea why they dont like me even i didn’t do anything bad to them. Even im doing anything bad to them but there doing it to me. I dont know what’s their problem why they dont like me. Even im trying to be a good friend to them but they dont see it!

I dont care if they dont like me anymore but why like this? What did i do? I didnt do anything bad to them but why like this? Some time if like this only everyday. I quit! Its up to them. I dont know why are they like that. But im trying to be a good,friendy,and a cool friend but they still dont care.

But sometimes im thinking too that maybe im also wrong because maybe they dont like my attitude. Im sorry that my attitude is like this But im trying to change to become a better friend. I wish u can see me change.

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