I’m Best Suited To Be a Follower…

… and I’m not here to argue or debate methods or means. I’m here merely as a messenger or facilitator to your goals. I understand my strengths and weaknesses. At this time in my life, I’m probably best suited to be a follower right now. Let me explain.

Arguing and debating is something I’m not especially strong at. The single most important thing that I’m invested in as a person is utilizing items and methods that work — if there are results, I am all about whatever method is employed.

There are a few purposes for arguing or debating certain topics:

  1. If you are arguing for or against a specific topic, you can either defend or prove why what you think and believe is correct or incorrect.
  2. If I’m employing a specific brand or method, I want to confirm that what I am doing is correct.
  3. To be a little more objective, debating will also allow me to take a step back, and understand multiple points of views based on the evidence and practical items presented to myself.

If I were to be completely objective, I would be able to understand why many items are presented the way they are — while siding with what I believe is right or wrong.

Within the fitness industry, there are many items to debate about. Types of diets, training methodologies, who to believe in, what kinds of movements will elicit what types of results — the fact remains that almost anything will work if you pursue that method to its 100% maximum “truth.”

Try This One Weird Trick…

For example, I can understand why someone would love to believe that an acai berry diet will work for them.

Perhaps your mother told you about this different diet that helped her lose some weight, and that you should investigate on the item more in order to lose some weight.

It is the beginning of a new year after all. This fits right into some resolutions that you had recently made, right?

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And you trust your mother — right? So if your mother vouches for a specific type of diet, it has to work to some degree. I mean, she did raise you after all, fed you for all these years, guided you, and perhaps you even talk to her everyday. Who else would you place this much trust in?

Now, here is where my job as fitness professional can get tricky. My aim is not to convince you that the acai berry diet is incorrect, because that will mean your mother is wrong, your trust in her may slowly erode, and a cascade of emotional fallout may occur — all from my lack of knowledge on how to best approach the idea of helping you to lose weight.

If I were to continue down this approach, perhaps I will be able to convince you about these items based on science by showing you multiple studies, but this does not convince your psychology of how you perceive the truth about weight loss.

Next thing you know, your mother temporarily stops talking to you because you told her the acai berry diet was incorrect.

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This was never my intention. All I wanted was to help you lose a few pounds.

Change one thing, and another thing changes.

So, instead of arguing or debating a specific item of topics, here are some other approaches that you can incorporate while avoiding a social or psychological fallout with friends and/or family members:

What is a clean slate?

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If you change in a positive direction towards your goals by 1% everyday, you will be more likely to improve over a period of time. If on the other hand, you attempt a change, and all you do involves spinning your wheels, you (obviously) won’t be able to change.

This involves correctly identifying the incorrect behavior to begin with.

Something many people are keen to attach themselves to involves the idea of having a clean slate whenever a new year rolls around.

Probably the only place where a clean slate realistically occurs is with respect to a newborn, but some people could argue against that as well.

What makes a difference between 2014 and 2015? Time is relative. There are multiple calendars in place, and the difference between them is all relative to political regimes, scientific beliefs, and religious beliefs, among many other values.


Within the western world, the time that rolls 2015 into place involves lots of hope, new perspectives, and fresh outlooks. However, the lack of proper planning for a full year — with its ups, downs, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and weddings will aim to detract you from your ultimate goal of fat loss (if that is your goal).

Change can occur slowly, and positive change can occur slowly and surely without any radical changes in action. Stave off any public disapproval by flying under the radar, and you can still achieve your goals.

Silently Make Changes

An approach that I’ve heard multiple people, clients, and athletes make in the past involves the power of announcing your goals to the world. That is, if you believe you can do it, you should hold yourself publicly accountable.

This works sometimes, other times it does not work. In the case of working with a fitness professional such as myself, you can disclose your goals privately, and keep it just between the two of us. If you happen to have chosen an incorrect strategy towards your specific goal, there might be a temporary feeling of embarrassment. If I’m able to, we’ll be able to readjust our goals, and continue towards our goal with zero delay in time.

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Understand that this is normal, because it is normal to fail while attempting to make changes, especially if you are not used to the idea of drastic changes. However, having a safety net of a professional who is willing to troubleshoot multiple strategies is always helpful towards directing you towards your goals.

Control What You Can Control

There are multiple ways to make changes, and there are multiple ways to achieve this method from where you currently are for a goal such as fat loss. Whether you make changes at 1% of change a day, or fall into the all-or-nothing camp, understand that these changes are vital to your specific DNA, at this specific time in your life, according to your specific psychology.

Sometimes certain approaches won’t work. They might be the most correct approach based on current evidence, but because you didn’t believe in the person presenting the information, or because you didn’t have your coffee today, or because you woke up late to walk your dog in the morning, the approach wasn’t right for you today.

Intangibles matter, because they involve the other 23 hours of the day, the other days in the week, the other months in the year.

As someone a lot smarter said to me, “Before you cross the street, you can look left, you can look right, but this won’t stop someone from mugging you before you get to the other side.”

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Miguel Aragoncillo is a writer, blogger, dancer, online personal trainer, and strength coach at Cressey Sports Performance. His writing and other work can be found throughout the internet, and his websitewww.MiguelAragoncillo.com is where most of his thoughts can be found regarding improving quality of life for athletes, dancers, and people of all types. Follow him on Twitter at @MiggsyBogues.