No, the Oscars aren’t racist

So the annual fuss made around the Oscars — “no black winners”.

There were no deaf, blind or handicapped winners in the big categories either! Wow did someone forget to point this out?

The Oscars and the many other rival awards ceremonies generally pick a film, actor or actress involved in a film that has some sort of adversity connected with it. Not the colour of the skin involved.

Who is to say what is the best film anyway — the top 5 grossing films of 2015 were Star Wars, Jurassic World, Furious 7, Avengers and Minions — should they not be considered the best film(they were the ones, after all that most people wanted to see!). Come to think of it we didn’t see any mionions or Marvel characters on Sunday-were they also boycotting the ceremony?

Are the Oscars racist — no of course they are not — its just a bunch of movie people congratulating another bunch of movie people.

If we started a White Awards ceremony there would be outrage, however there are the Black Movie Awards, Black Reel Awards, American Black Film Festival, Black International Film Festival, BEFFTA and for music the MOBO’s.

All of these award a bunch of people that can only fall into certain demographics.

The Oscars come and go, and anyway can anybody think of a film that Denzil Washington has starred in that hasn’t used the tagline “Staring Academy Award Winner Denzil Washington”.

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