Atlanta Businessman Dave Rocker Sees Opportunity for Vets in Tech

Our returning veterans too often come home to a landscape of uncertainty. Questions about where they fit in the civilian world after the excitement and structure of active duty often prove problematic for too many.

As Atlanta businessman and entrepreneur Dave Rocker sees it, the tech industry is the perfect area for our returning military to find meaning in a new world. With job openings multiplying by the day, the opportunity for any interested vet is there for the taking.

Rocker, on his personal blog, has featured several exciting paths for vets to take toward careers in tech after their service time has ended. This competitive field certainly has its challenges, but if anyone’s up to the task, it’s the fighting men and women of our armed services.

As Rocker himself has put it, “military background allows them to quickly assess, analyze, and solve situations with limited resources while working with a diverse team.” These and other skills, honed working for one of the most demanding employers possible in the United States military, can translate surprisingly well to this cutting-edge field. This fact, as stated by Rocker, has become clearer and clearer to tech companies looking to diversify their workforce.

Several tech companies has opened their doors to vets in order to help their transition into the everyday working world. Rocker has highlighted the work of video gaming company Activision Blizzard in particular as one leading the charge to encourage veteran employment outreach through their “Call of Duty” (named for their bestselling game) endowment. To date, they’ve assisted over 20,000 veterans in finding purposeful work.

Entertainment isn’t the only tech outlet open to veterans looking for employment after they return home. Rocker has additionally thrown the spotlight on spaces for veterans in the rapidly booming renewable energy industry. Clean energy presents a massive opportunity for our country, and our military veterans are ready to be among those leading the charge into a cleaner future.

At its essence, Rocker’s mission is simply an honest attempt at repayment: to do all that’s possible to give back to those who have given up so much for us. It may not be possible to completely fulfill that mission, but that’s no reason not to try. When it comes to helping our veterans, giving them a leg up into meaningful employment represents the best way for them to fully integrate with the civilian world that they once left behind.

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