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Making a positive impact on business with design and research / Scaling design and research / Design Leadership
The Great Wave off Kanagawa — Katsushika Hokusai

Creating a product that is profitable to your business while being exciting to the users and not a technological mine field isn’t an easy task, it can almost feel impossible to achieve, as if success is reserved for the tech giants.

I face that challenge on a daily basis and I believe that with the right mind set, anyone can achieve greatness. To keep myself and the team in-check, I use 3 simple principles borrowed from Design Thinking:

👉 A great product has to be Desirable, Viable and Feasible.

Those 3 principles helps me and my clients keep the balance…

Image by Ryan Phipps Mitchel —

With all the recent hype around voice enabled AI, there’s been a lot written about the UX of VUI or the business of AI. It got me wondering: Imagine if tomorrow, we stopped using screens (as if!) and our main medium was voice activated AI like Alexa, Siri, or Google home? How does a brand’s story and identity come across with just sound and conversation? What are the possibilities for brands?

Story Tools

Firstly, by ‘story’, I don’t necessarily mean a brand’s history, although sometimes that is important. I’m talking about what makes a brand, their values, their mission, what they stand…

Graphite’s website in Inspect

Over the last few years the challenge of making communication between designers and developers more natural has been a topic close to my heart. I’ve always hated condescending designers that think their job stops once they’ve exported their mockups. The final product is the build, not your fancy high definition mockups! The same goes for developers who just think that it makes no difference whatsoever if that line is 4px in height instead of 2px

At Graphite we’ve solved this by doing two things. Firstly, by over-communicating. Developers are involved from the very beginning; helping designers to make the right…

Illustration by Ryan Phipps Mitchel —

I was recently asked by a client to share our UX and Design process, part of the exercise was to write down a list of the tools we use.

I’ve lived through the web revolution, death of flash, Web 2.0, the gold rush to apps, the rise from the aches of jS, etc… and I think that the new revolution is with the tools that are available to designers and developers nowadays. When I started working in Digital we only used to have 2 main tools, Photoshop and Dreamweaver and for the cool kids Fireworks and an open source editor…

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