such winning as you would not believe!

As I watched the train wreck that was the Rudy Giuliani presser in Philadelphia on Saturday, Nov. 7, at “not that Four Seasons, it’s at Four Seasons Total Landscaping,” I found myself wondering how the entire business community — most particularly the insane consumer products sector — was leaving so much opportunity on the table.

I mean, Four Seasons Total Landscaping is next door to a sex shop — and the presser even featured a convicted sex offender! — and across the street from a crematorium. Hello, combo products opportunities!!

Seriously, why not a

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The tear gas

I traveled to Santiago, Chile recently. My timing was auspicious, since my news-puke bingo card still had an open slot preventing me from screaming BINGO at the top of my lungs. That open square was “get tear gassed” — it got filled at around 11am Atlantic Time on Monday, October 21, as tear gas rolled down Avenida Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins, called La Alameda by locals. It’s really hard to scream BINGO at the top of your lungs while getting tear gassed, by the way. In case you wondered.

I was in Chile to attend and speak at the annual…

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by Dave deBronkart & Casey Quinlan

When trusted voices weigh in on a topic you care about, you listen.

Yesterday, in “A Matter of Trust, Perception, Risk, and Uncertainty,” Susannah Fox, Lisa Suennen, and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, long-standing trusted counselors to the patient community, wrote about the recent acquisition of PatientsLikeMe by UnitedHealthGroup, talking about the deal, and issues raised by it, in a way that sometimes had us scratching our heads in confusion, wondering if they’d suddenly drunk some version of Kool-Aid that affects one’s ability to recognize betrayal of trust — or fear.

Those are strong words among friends, and we have put many…

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I was recently part of a trinity of folks debating the idea of paying people for the data they contribute to the digital economy, in healthcare and in all other sectors.

Here’s the full version of the conversation on YouTube, with yours truly taking the “yes” side, Brookings Institution non-resident fellow and UConn professor Niam Yaraghi taking the “no” side, and Jan Oldenburg moderating the debate. It’s an hour long, so pack a lunch!

I put together a shortened audio version of the discussion for my Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! podcast, and that’s here.

You’re invited to weigh in —…

Since the Weinstein-ing of the public discourse about gender, sex, and harassment kicked off in October, I’ve felt a little like an early-adopter (early-discloser?) of #MeToo. See this for why I say that.

I am beyond thrilled that what TIME calls the Silence Breakers were named that magazine’s Person(s) of the Year, but that’s just another dot on a timeline that goes back millennia, and forward who knows how long. Keep an eye on North Korea and Jerusalem for updates on that.

Not to be a buzz-kill, but I want to see a #NowWhat [update: it’s #TimesUp] tag spreading in…

If I had a dollar for every notification I got on the recent articles in the New England Journal of Medicine, The Atlantic, Gizmodo, and the Washington Post about a 70-year-old dude with a complex medical history and a ginoromous DNR tattoo on his chest … well, I’d have at least 50 bucks today that I didn’t have two days ago.

Explainer: I myself have a large tattoo (3 inches by 3 inches) on my sternum (see image! and linked post to WHY I did it! just click the pic!) that’s a QR code with its own embedded link. That…

I was a good little Catholic schoolgirl when I headed off to college in August of 1970. Sure, I’d spent a couple of years in “swinging London” — the first two years of high school (1966 to 1968), to be exact — and then spent the second half of high school on the beaches of San Diego County, but being a college freshman virgin was not at all unusual in those long-ago days … even for boy-children.

I was a theater major at the University of San Francisco, which is a Catholic uni, run by Jesuits, who are considered the…

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I recently witnessed a dust-up on Twitter (I am not going to name names here) where one party (hereafter referred to as Party A) took the POV that “healthcare is NOT A RIGHT!” and the other party (hereafter referred to as Party B)— who had a number of supporting voices chime in — took issue with that POV.

The issue arose — in my opinion — from what I see as a common conflation by many in the healthcare/health IT consulting cadre (which includes Party A): they conflate a system fuck-up created by what was supposed to be a short-term…

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Part two of a [some number larger than one]-part series.

Remember when American taxpayers spent over $25B (that’s billion) on digitizing medical records? If you don’t … well, we did.

The last time you went to the doctor, how easy was it for you to see your aftercare instructions online, or follow up on your prescriptions, or get your lab results in the online patient portal?

My guess is that it might have been easy-ish to see stuff in your doctor’s patient portal, but sharing that data from, say, your primary care MD with your ob/gyn or your rheumatologist —…

If you spend any time at all using a smartphone, and/or surfing the web with a tablet or a computer, you’re generating wads of data on your activities. That data is a gold mine for marketers and business intel factories around the world.

If you doubt me, just go plug the phrase “how companies collect and sell customer data” into Google (you can just click that link to do it, lazybones), and you’ll see right at the top that not only are commercial interests doing this, they’re paying Google ad money to show up at the top of the list…

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