Mighty Corporation Celebrates its 7 Decades Worth of Service with an Award for Best Company

In this year’s National Management Congress, Mighty Corp. will receive the Outstanding Corporation Award for its 70 years worth of service.

The 40th celebration of the event will be hosted by Philcoman Research Institute (PCMRI) and will honor the recipients of the Outstanding Corporation of the year Award, Outstanding Management Leadership Award of the year and the oath-taking of new members.

According to PCMRI Congress chairman Dr. Pedrito Salvador, the event will be held on December 10 and will be attended by government officials and members of the academe and the private sector.

PCMRI plans to celebrate the event in a much simpler fashion.

According to Salvador, “We opted to hold a simple rite so that funds and other resources we can save can be channeled to research and further studies of important issues in politics, economics, sociology and national security.”

The PCMRI is a federation of professional and technological societies, management developments, institutions, academe, business enterprises and professional managers dedicated to the development of management and improvement of its practices.

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