What If There Were No Official Narratives?
Caitlin Johnstone

Good article.

A few things come to mind which I thought I would wibble.

Some of the narratives don’t make much sense when examined, you wonder why they aren’t more convincing. I can only conclude, that they don’t care if there are massive holes in their reasoning or evidence. As long as they can write stories which push a particular line, they don’t care they can’t convince everyone. Convincing most people is the goal, as most people read the headlines and move on this is relatively easy.

So for example the AS narrative against Corbyn in the UK. The truth is unless Corbyn literally was calling for the culling of the Jues, most people don’t care. However the day in day out stories saying Corbyn isn’t fit to lead the country do have an effect, even if they don’t care that Corbyn once liked a Facebook post with a picture of a mural in.

Another thing, “Now let’s consider another hypothetical scenario: what if one day, everyone gets tired of official narratives?”. In part this has already happened. As Western governments have moved on from the paternalistic way of governing towards messaging the profits of the richest companies. Many people feel that they aren’t being heard. However though many feel their feelings have not been taken notice of, they don’t really know the solution. So you get protest votes, like Brexit or Trump.