The real meaning of “OG” in OG Kush

OG Kush is a popular hybrid strain that originally started in Southern California back in the early 90s. In the hip hop community, “OG” stood for Original Gangster which popularized the OG Kush strain. With today’s unique methods of growing, the “OG” took a different meaning by using fish emulsion, fish meals, and/or fish hydrolysates to stimulate the microorganisms and useful bacteria in various soils. For some growers “OG” stands for Ocean Grown and dates back to the pilgrimage years when Native Americans used fish to fertilize their corn fields. With that being said, “OG” can mean original gangster or ocean grown depending on the phenotypes.

OG Kush is known to give uplifting lasting effects combined with a more focused head high. It is known to help relieve migraines and stress. Even though ocean sourced additives are used to grow the marijuana, flowers will still have that pungent earthy pine citrus scent.

Greenstone has some of the top products for ocean grown applications. Alpha Fish is sourced from fish hydrolysate. It is an essential organic fish fertilizer that can be used to enhance your plant’s growth and production, nutrient absorption, and deficiency correction. With the highest amino acid profile containing 80% L-amino acids, it can fulfill 70–80% of plant nutrient needs and will not burn leaves or roots. Kraken Kelp provides an available source of potassium that can help to promote strong reproduction, fruit fill and finishing quality, including size and flavor. Sea Crop is a natural and organic high-level mineral concentrate from seawater. It can be applied directly to the soil, roots, or applied as a foliar spray. This concentrate is known to increase plant growth & yield and also is known to enhance nutrient absorption.

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