Get your apps right

Microsoft is a company seemingly lost at sea, with all the right tools to make it’s way back on course.

Microsoft have over the past fe years been knocking it out of the park with hardware, hardware which isn’t fulling the imagination and generating sales it should be getting.

There is a simple reason for this, it doesn’t matter how good your hardware is if you don’t have the software inventory to back it up. In Microsofts case this means Apps.

The Windows Phone is all but dead, a shame because this was a phone giving us promise. Not following the same design decisions as Apple or Google made the interface provided on Windows Phone 8 and 10 a thing of beauty. Easy to use and sat on some amazing hardware with the Lumia phones especially giving a magnificent camera and the convergence platform which could change the whole IT landscape over the next couple of years.

Lackluster take up from the big players on the app front especially google sent this great platform on a downward spiral and the rush to get a half baked version 10 of the OS out was it seems the final nail in the coffin if sales figures are to be belived.

To a lesser degree the same thing could be said for the Surface pro 3/4 Microsoft 2 in 1 device which as platforms go for “this is what you whould be doing” was great right up until the point you bought one. A tablet which you put a keyboard on always sounds like a great idea. The fact is within a few weeks you realise that keyboard is a bit crap, you cant really type properly on it. the act of reaching up to touch the screen instead of using the mouse is a pain in the butt which is a shame because the mouse that comes on the magnetic clip on keyvboard isn’t great.

and again because the Windows 8/10 running on the surface just doens’t have any apps you really need or would use you end up using the surface pro just like a laptop because your running Windows desktop apps and doing so renders the touchscreen almost obsolete.

Sure you could use that pen however realisitically using that pen on that glass screen isn’t a nice experience its slippery, it provides little to nothing in the way of haptic feedback, so the pen ends up somethere in a side panel of the laptop bag.

About 6 weeks in to using a surface the question “why did i spend so much on this when i could have bought a decent ultrabook with more ram and a bigger hard disk and still had change from £1k..?”

These are two examples of how Microsoft is hitting it out of the park time and time again with its hardware only to be let down by the lack of software to run on it.

This is a shame because on other platforms again Microsoft is proving its worth, its android apps are great and worthy of being the default assitant, office app and lock screen on any android phone.

It’s not just Microsoft this is happening with as for many a year apple has sold its devices which lock users into its hardware Facetime, iphoto and imessage are examples where if you didn’t have an iPhone you couldn’t participate. This however is backfiring on Apple somewhat as Google and Microsoft start putting apps on IOS devices which open up photos, IM and video conferencing to the masses and pull the requirement of having IOS away from the service.

All this goes to show that its the infrastucture that makes or kills a product, the ability to run product x on any platform is hugely important however it’s hard to justify these huge hardware costs on devices which don’t play well with established infrastuctures.

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