Shout out to Duo Security

I’ve been using Duo Security for a couple of years now as a 2FA service for my public facing personal network stuff.

A couple of days ago I changed my phone number and locked my admin account out on the Duo Security portal.. Totally me being a plonker..

The Support team at Duo responded promptly asked for the right type of account verification and resolved the issue.

HUGE thanks to them for sorting me out.. and i’ve taken the advice of how to solve this in the future..

This is just what a service should be, i’m not (yet) a paying customer however might be in the near future if things go well..

I’d recommend this service to ANYONE trying to do user friendly centrally managed 2 factor authentication. We also use it at work and it’s brutally simple to set even the most technically inept user up. They even have those stick in the muds who don’t want to install the Duo Mobile app covered..

Cheers Guys

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