Touch it, Use it, Understand it tech..

Prior to the release of the iPad there were 2 camps, those who had been at the Apple announcement, got their hands on an Ipad, had a go on it and loved it.. and those that had not. In the last group opinion was pretty much it’s just a big iPhone for the longest of times..

Move forward a few years and Google released Glass, and again there were two camps. Those who had glass loved it and those who didn’t just didn’t get it.. “Why would you want that?” and “it’s too intrusive into our daily lives” cried the neigh sayers..

While the iPad for a long time made sales figures on its own most companies could only dream of, Google Glass seemed to peter out and disappear.. It’s easy to forget that from day one Google said this was an idea, not a product..

In recent months I’ve been lucky enough to be bitten by the “I’ve Used it and I see the future” on not one but 3 products which i’d like to share..


With Google Cardboard a stroke of genius happened, a gateway drug for the masses was produced. Something which gave the rest of us the ability to see what all the fus was about with Virtual reality. This isn’t you’re 80’s Lawnmower Man either when I first got my Google Cardboard the Undersea and Rollercoaster demos were great however they seem a dim and distant memory as to what i’m using it for now.. 360degree videos..

Trust me when i tell you putting on Google Cardboard and a pair of Bluetooth over ear headphones and watching the Blue Angels perform from the cockpit in 360degrees as you look around, watching from the seat of an F1 car as it does a lap of a track is amazing. However being part of a 360degree experience sound and all of a skydive is totally out of this world.

As pixel limits and colours reach things our eyes really can’t see much more of, the media industry is in need of something new and this is it..

It’s not going to replace the TV and the sofa right now, its too early for that. However it is going to change the experience in the next few years of Movies and how we watch media..


Drones, not just for the US milatry to bomb the crap out of non oil producing nations.. I got one at Christmas and it’s great. Learning to fly it, and creating videos from angles and places I’d never be able to get to is an amazing experience for me..

And i’ve got the lower end of the drone pool, as the Geek community has embraced this technology the ability to quite literally build structures and bridges with autonomous drones has become an actual thing using fairly cheap technology, finding people in destroyed buildings and many other uses are starting to emerge let alone the stunning visuals film makers are getting..

Again, if you’ve never used one its difficult to see what the fus is about, if you have you can see just where this is heading..

Digital Pens

This last one is a work related thing.. I’d not seen the point of a digital pen, right up until i got a free one with work.. Now much like my smart watch I can’t stop using the damned thing.

Everything I write on paper is automatically transcribed to my mobile phone in realtime. Then literally with the tap on the android screen its turned from my scrawl to typed text which i can forward to any app.. Those diagrams in meetings , saved into OneNote within seconds. bullet points from conversations, handwriting to text to email in less than a minute..

Game changer.. Why this technology hasn’t caught on in the mainstream is another example of the “why would i want what i’ve never tried?”

I’m lucky to be working however for a company which takes this to the next level.. From drawing on a paper book, take that drawing and move it to a “Whiteboard” fed by 3 HD projectors (length of a room) where several other people can instantly collaborate on that drawing you just created on paper takes meetings and group brainstorming sessions to a whole new level.. :-)