While the world and his wife might consider Trump and Boris a joke, we got what we asked for..

The world stage is coming closer and closer to the startling realisation that Donald Trump, the Donald may be running for President of the USA, the self proclaimed leaders of the free world have finally done what we all new was inevitable at some point..

“Politics is bland, its boring and politicians are essentially corrupt individuals all in it for personal gain” you may agree or disagree with this statement that;s kind of irrelevant because politics does not beat to the thoughts of a single person..

If I was to ask in downtown Chicago, London, Manchester or any other city in the US or UK who was the local “politician” be that member of Parliament or the Senate I’d more than likely get an “I don’t know” and i’d also suggest if I was to ask “Which political party runs this town” (or words to that effect, who is in power locally) I would get the same answer.. If i’d have stood in the UK outside any polling station in the country and asked “Who did you vote for?” I’m willing to bet the answer would be the name of the political party “Conservative, Republican, Democrat or Labour” if Id of followed that up with “What’s the name of the local constituent representative for that party?” again i’m willing to suggest the majority of people wouldn’t have a clue who they actually just voted for, if that person actually held the same mainstream views of the party and/or what their record was in government..

We don’t care about local politics, we don’t care about local politicians when voting we vote for the players, the figure heads the Bush’s the David Cameron’s and the Obama’s of this world..

The problem with politics is it’s not entertaining..

So when an individual comes along who is willing to say the things we only talk about in quiet corners for fear of being branded a racist or another one of the current crop of labels we like to apply to non mainline thinkers.. Well that persons not only going to grab our interest, they are going to start making headlines..

We’ve recently had The Farange effect in the UK, a bloke with a face like a turtle (google it) who timed his entrance perfectly with his “lets get our of Europe, have you seen what’s coming..? Half of the world is wanting to enter the UK looking for a hand out and to take all your welfare” approach to politics..

Nigel Farange was a politician people knew, we hasn’t in parliment so had less actual power than their local MP and although he didn’t get into government in the last general election. His grasp of the media, language and being the bloke who likes a pint got enough people really talking about the UK’s place in Europe outside of Westminster he’s essentially forced our government into giving the country a vote of being in and out of Europe this year..

This is the effect the Donald is having on US politics, he’s a guy we’ve seen on the telly, he’s able to make descisions and tell wobbly lipped candidates what they are doing wrong and fire them. He and his wife have been tabliod news fodder for years so we know he’s a character. Essentially Donald Trump is a reality TV star of a new show called “I’m someone you’ve heard of, make me President”

Much like Farange love him or hate him he’s got conversations started, he’s got opinions being made, he’s got people who really don’t care much more than am i going to get paid more and will i keep my job? Talking about politics..

Our version in the UK of the Donald is Boris Johnson, honestly a politician so well known he is just referred to as “Boris”. An eccentric Bton mess of a Buffoon who is so media savvy and switched on, who doesn’t mind making a complete tit of himself because he knows how this new wave of politics works.. Know the name first, know the character then fall in love with the story..

And this is all happening for one simple reason..

Simon Cowell

Hear me out..

Politics has slowly been turning into a production, music, fireworks, rousing speeches.. In the last decade Simon Cowell has sucessfully introduced to the concept of voting to keep someone in.. We look to be entertained, we look to be occupied for an hour or so and the person who does that stays around..

This is what politics has turned into.. and mark my words it won’t be that long before the concept of getting to somewhere to put a cross on a card to vote is replaced by calling or texting a number, especially with voter turnout being so empathetically low in the UK and US..

So if you’re sat there wondering why the man with the dodgy syrup is on his way to the White House.. it’s because there’s no one else in the race entertaining enough to compete..

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