You want a new laptop this year? Forget Windows 10.. Get something which works..

Each silly season with a sale in it I get asked “What laptop should i buy?” and i used to always answer “What do you want to do with it?” however after a few years I’ve come to the conclusion the question is actually “What’s the cheapest laptop i can get which I can do the most with?”

This is actually a far more appropriate question as the market is flooded with low cost laptops, 2 in 1’s and Tablets actually telling someone that spending anything less than £500 on a laptop is a waste of money in the long term..

And while Microsoft may be touting the new Windows 10 this year tempting people in with the promise of “Easy, Simple and ooh look no silly start menu” to be brutally honest Windows 10 is the same Windows as it was 10 years ago, with the same update problems and the same Malware, Virus and other nasties just waiting to pull your data into a dark area of the deep web..

So what do I recommend you buy this silly season? Simple buy a Chromebook

Why? Well its quite simple

You spend 90% of your time on that old Windows PC in the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE doesn’t matter) and the 10% of the time you do spend in applications its probably office and guess what, the 15% of office features you actually use, they and much more are now available with an Office 365 subscription..

The biggest complaint bar none about Chromebooks is “you need to be online to use them”. No disagreement, however try this.. Go home, and turn your internet connection off..

How’s life on that Windows PC, iPad, Android phone doing now? What’s that I hear you say? “you can’t really use it properly because there’s no internet connection…”

There is a perception that a Chromebook is in operable when there is no internet connection which is totally untrue. I’m typing this on one which is offline..

As an example

  • Google Docs
  • Cloud Magic
  • Sunrise Calendar
  • Google Keep
  • Google Mail
  • Gliffy Diagrams
  • Pocket
  • Jolidrive

All provide productivity offline with a Chromebook and recent plugins for the File manager mean connecting to windows Shares on other devices you may have is possible as is opening Office Documents automatically in Office365 when opened.

Add to the Google ecosystem to ability to cast from a Chromebook straight to a Chromecast allowing you for £25 to watch those youtube videos on your TV quickly and easily and you’ll hopefully start to see why these £150 to £300 device are a great bang for your buck..

So if like most of us you spend your time in your browser and are looking for a solid, low cost device which won’t deliver you Malware, which won’t put out a Blue screen of death because of a dodgy update and will work offline.. Is far more secure than a Windows or Apple device and a lot simpler to use.. Boots in 3 seconds to a usable OS. Won’t slow down after 3 months of usage and can have a battery life of upto 12hrs..

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