5 Simple Steps to Choose an Advertising Agency

Hiring an ad agency shouldn’t be a decision taken in haste. It should be a more thoughtful decision as success of your business and also your online reputation largely depends on knowledge and experience of the advertising agency in Kelowna BC. The agency will create all sorts of marketing material from print ads to emailers for your business. It will help in molding views of your potential clients.

Hire right ad agency in five simple steps

Step 1: Determine your needs

Why you need a full-scale advertising company? If you want the company to design only a few logos or write a few emails then its better you find a freelancer for the projects. There is no point in approaching a full-service company for small job works. If you have plans to outsource all the marketing job to the company then you should clearly define your objectives and expectations from the company.

Step 2: Determine your ad budget

Nothing comes for free and even a piece of advice is charged. You’re dealing with advertisers that charge for per second. Larger agencies might have high service charges and smaller companies might be ready to negotiate the best price in order to get project. Before entering into any negotiations with any agency, you should determine your ad budget and approach a company only when you know how much you can pay for service.

Step 3: Do you want the service provider to be a local

Today, communication isn’t an issue but there could be issues in physical meetings. It is easy to communicate through emails and instant chats and also you can use the same ways of communication to discuss projects. If needed, you can even have video calls to have face-to-face discussion. But if proximity of the agency is important then you should keep your search to the agencies available in your neighborhood.

Step 4: Match size of the agency with your project

Size matters when you’re outsourcing a big project for which you need more manpower. What size of an ad agencywill fit into your needs?If you have campaigns for print and the web then you need a company that has team to handle both the campaigns. Some companies provide digital marketing services while others are limited to print advertising. But some companies provide complete ad solutions.

Step 5: Take a closer look at ad companies matching with your needs

Once you’ve done all the homework from determining your needs and budget, you can easily shortlist the agencies suitable for your project. Giving a close look to the agencies will help you understand how they work. Also you can ask samples from the agencies.


A branding company Kelowna can either make or mar your online reputation. The agency will mention your company name and the job done on its website to promote its services. Visitors of the ad agency will see your company name on the agency site. In this way, you’ll get additional promotion for which you won’t be charged.