Dear Margaret Kenyatta

Among the many important tasks scheduled for my night, is to draft my thoughts to you. I won’t fill this up with compliments about your beauty and grace, nor with gratitude and good wishes. Neither will I follow up with a One Million Kenya Shillings Only cheque to support your initiatives. In-fact, there will be none of that.

As it is, I should prefer to talk or bother myself with something other rather than to rant about how I am perhaps expected, out of kindness or sacrifice, to go Beyond Zero or to Adopt-A-Ward. See, Nation Media Group once gave me the news about your latter campaign and some of its description was so admirable to some extent; but not so lacking to a certain circumspect as to raise an eyebrow here and a question there.

Presumably, as it so seems, you have occupied yourself chiefly with rallying and mobilizing Kenyans to support your rather ‘improper’ healthcare initiatives. Improper, for the lack of a better word, because we have a fully functional and devolved government that’s mandated with the very job you are taking up and now placing on us by your virtue of ‘asking’.

Is it also not quite amusing especially that as you ask of us, your husband’s government is continuously looting, misusing and actively seeking ways to mismanage your ‘askees’ tax money. Moreso, the developments or lack thereof within the public healthcare system has seen our doctors enter day 55 of the #CBAforKenyans strike.

Before I even get to describing your campaigns’ disservice, whether or not noble or great, they are tasteless and must be treated with contempt. A Pharisaical female figure, you cannot always launch campaigns and marathons and expect shortchanged citizens to laud and contribute, while your government makes no effort of fixing and improving the health economy. 47 mobile clinics for the less fortunate but that are controlled by the rich, huh? Ha!

If I have written such gibberish to you, it is to remind you that your cause is justly lost; and that we have also occupied ourselves chiefly with keeping you and your husband’s government in check, for this is no doubt the embodiment of ‘graceful’ double standards and the hypocrisy of the powerful to use charity as a means to repress.

Surely, how truly dismal and horrible it must be, even as a First Lady, to stand up, step and fill in for a government that simply won’t do its job! Regrettably also, how truly horrible and disgraceful of you to insult millions of Kenyans who rely on the public healthcare system by calling for your marathon in the face of a healthcare crisis?

Do you know how nice it is when you’re frustrated, angry, stretched and irritable, and then someone provokes your rage — taunted with your sociopolitical circumstances? Matter of fact, do you know what a difference all these emotions make on a thing? Or a human being? May I recall to you for the umpteenth time that it is the bulk of Kenyans without your kind of privilege, or any recourse, that are dependent on public healthcare.

Finally, the relationship between a nation’s progress and its people is mutual. We do not benefit from the former passively; we contribute towards it by working and keeping our government in check. Therefore, embrace Uhuru for me and remind him, and yourself, that it is not only our right, but our privilege and duty to go Beyond Zero Corruption.