Create The Ideal Wedding App Through ChocoGrid


Wedding is among the most prestigious occasions in people’s lives. A lot of events unfold during this auspicious ceremony, ranging from finding the perfect dress to picking a perfect venue, getting the bridal makeup done, looking for caterers and the unending list goes on. In such arduous times, one must wish to own a tool or wizardry, which would bring the complete checklist to a single place.

So here we have for you, an amazing platform, which has the potential to redefine the entire wedding activities. Presenting CHOCOGRID — the most awesome platform for creating a perfect wedding app and turn the ceremony all the more fun and entertaining. And this platform is definitely a must try-and-explore for people running wedding event related businesses.

A wedding app from CHOCOGRID focuses on all the major aspects the users think from their point of view. This DIY mobile app builder can create stunning wedding apps at economical prices, without the need of any coding or special efforts.

So, here’s a list of all the features that CHOCOGRID can provide you with your perfect wedding app -

It can help you share your mutual memories or love story with the world and create life’s best moment from it.

Planning a wedding can be a hectic task, if not done smartly and especially the task of designing invitations and distributing them. But, getting an app from CHOCOGRID can help you design invites for the wedding and send them out to your guests, saving so much of your time and money.

It will send updates to your guests for the upcoming events with the detail of the event such as the address of the venue, or day, date and time of the and time of the event.

Some end moment changes can ruin your whole event and so it’s better to notify your guests in advance. Your own wedding app would also notify your guests if there are some changes that take place. For example- change in date, day or time or change in venue.

Memories that we make during those events is the most important part of any wedding. So, the app would also share photos of various events using photo gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram etc.