Hottest Seo Trends To Follow This Summer

Search engine optimization is evolving rapidly in this dynamic world and staying on top of trends in one ting that every organization is aiming for. To stay ahead of the competition, it has become extremely important for any organization to strengthen its online marketing efforts.

SEO not only helps you gain importance, it also helps you drive quality traffic, get visibility in front of your audience and boosts the credibility of your organization — everything your organization needs to succeed in the long run.

Now, you must be wondering about what all you should do to stay ahead — It’s quite simple, Just follow the latest SEO trends and you’ll be right back on track. Here, We’ve got you a list of all the latest SEO trends, you need to follow to rock the world in the year ahead with your performance. Have a look!

The rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

A large no. of your potential customers now prefer to use mobile to get updated daily about the newest thing around in the market. Having less time, users generally prefer to visit those websites more which take less time to load. That’s where you can probably lose a large no. of your potential customers just because your website took too long to load as compared to other websites. Since, Google also gives higher preference to websites that have AMPs, it is better to switch over to AMP. It can let you gain a lot more popularity through Google as compared to a website not having it. You can expect to receive more traffic if you have an AMP-optimized website. It can improve the loading time of your website by almost 30 times which is quite good enough to impress your customers.

Provide an optimum User experience

Users generally get more attracted towards websites that are easy to navigate and interactive. So, your prime focus while creating your website should be on providing the best user-experience. Some of the most little things that we generally skip can make a huge difference to your website altogether. You can improve your website and its overall appearance by just focusing on a few points such as -

  • Giving a well-defined title to ever page to help the user understand easily what the page is all about.
  • Giving a detailed webpage description.
  • Proper CTA buttons related to your products and services.

Start Local SEO

If someone is looking for a product/service in your locality, the probability of a local website getting ranked is higher. The results of the searches are displayed in the local pack listings. So, its better get your business optimized locally as a large no. of your customers are looking for local businesses. You can get your website locally optimized by mentioning your website on Google/Yahoo Business Listings.

Furthermore, there are platforms, which allow your website and apps to get listed across major search engines with ease. The likes of Chocogrid — a web and app development platform has integrated Digital Marketing packages, which focus on enhancing your brands visibility across major channels, through useful activities of SEO, SMM, DCM and SEM etc.

Answer with featured snippets

A lot of times, your customers are likely to come across Featured snippets. Featured snippets are basically a summary answer to the query which the user has asked. These are generally seen for Voice Search results on Google. You will need some efforts to make your website rank for featured snippets but this is surely one thing that can keep you ahead of the competition.

Mobile First Indexing

Because of a huge amount of traffic that is coming from mobiles, Google has now opted to give more importance to mobile indexing. So, when planning your SEO strategy its better to get your website optimized for mobile users.

Dynamic e-commerce SEO

Dynamic SEO is seen majorly on e-commerce websites where it involves in creating web pages on the fly according to the users’ search query. This is a must have SEO technique apart from having a good and interactive website. It majorly focuses on providing the best user experience to your customers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides a computer an ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. But you would wonder why is it important for SEO? Well, from the perspective of SEO, Google has algorithms like Rank Brain which involves machine learning and impacts search engine results. Rank Brain can decode what the users are typing into the search bar and gives more relevant links to the users. Even if your webpage does not contain that particular keyword, Still you have the chances that the user will still land on your website somehow.