Why Every Photographer Must Have A Website & App

Photography is an incredible art, which helps capture a beautiful situation and make it everlastingly special. The best part of it — That visual moment can be shared with your close friends and acquaintances. If you know the art of telling stories through your camera lens, you should not wait or be shy to nurture this incredible talent to perfection. And while you’re in the process of enhancing your capabilities & skills, you can always showcase glimpses of your artistic mind through a blog or website.

Trust us, the audience loves to see new talent blooming. And when the field of photography is being talked about, viewers anyhow show more interest. Truth be told, its important for photographers to share their talent and work with the internet world. Doing such a thing not only makes the photographers confront the competition outside, but also helps them connect with people alike. Every single photographer, no matter professional or just a hobbyist, needs to have a website or smartphone application.

There are valid reasons for photographers to have a digital identity and few of them, worth mentioning, are listed below:


As mentioned before, every photographer needs to present their work and talent in front of the audience. Apart from being a healthy practice in general, this method further helps the photographers in getting recognized. Who doesn’t want a certain bit of acknowledgment? And that too because of the work they’re doing! Having a website or an app greatly boosts the popularity of photographers and takes them ahead in the game.


Imagine if you’re a professional photographer and your livelihood depends on your talent only. Won’t the presence of an app or website bring frequent clients and business for you? After all, having a website and app is a direct sign of an individual’s credibility. Furthermore, just think about the comfort you’ll have while getting all your major clients directly from your web or app. You can respond to their queries, take bookings, schedule appointments and even ask them to pay for the services availed.

There are a number of tools and software applications, which help you in creating business-ready web or app. The likes of Chocogrid — an astonishingly fast and easy platform for making web-apps, enable you to integrate your website or application with secure payment gateways, booking windows and Push notifications etc. Features like these not only make things smooth for you but also help in enhancing your relation with the clients as well as customers.


Everyone knows that Social Media is the strongest and most effective channel to connect with people across the world. For artists, especially photographers, this mode can turn out to be a boon. Having an active social media handle can open a bucket full of opportunities for the photographers. The aforementioned platform Chocogrid also allows the users to integrate their social profiles with their web-app, and share direct feeds with their followers. Photography-specific social networks like, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, Flickr, Tumblr & 500px etc., can all be connected within the web and app to increase interaction with audience worldwide.


While the novices use web & apps for introducing their work among the masses, more seasoned and professional photographers consider these resources as a means to educate or train the young talents.

Through a full-featuring web and app, photographers can easily conduct workshops or organize training sessions from time to time. They can host daily/weekly classes, recruit more students and indulge in a number of interactive sessions with people across the world. This way, they can not just earn money for themselves, but also do their bit in promoting the hidden talents of the society.