There is this guy. His wife made roast beef.

The guy carved it, with the carving knife, slicing it as thinly as he could, and the family ate it.

The roast beef was really good. The guy’s wife was really good at cooking beef. Her steaks were also fantastic.

The next day, the guy looked at leftover roast beef in the fridge. It was beautiful. It had that brown-grey layer around the edge, and the healthy pink center.

It was really beautiful. …

At another point she made a remark about the phenomenon of misunderstands train station. I suffered yet another, again and again.”

By now, you are surely aware of, the website that will generate new texts from your facebook feed. It is basically a Markov text generator.

Then we took pictures with Agnes’s website whether one is Muninn, the god of the bench by examined, your kid’s not much of a sandwich to see how the tinkling music inside which I sort of describes teaching Hannibal left. You were freaky starecase, spelled that was hewn from the entire book, as we may try. …

Photo by Bruce

What is your lens today?

What do you do when a cat sticks its tail in your coffee like a paintbrush?

  1. Pause in shock. The world stands still while you verify reality and process this event.
  2. Gently scold cat.
  3. Pretend it is Luwak coffee and drink it anyway.
  4. All of the above.

I am using my multiple-choice lens today. Employing this lens lets me see all of life as a multiple-choice test, with a variety of options in every situation.

What do you do when your wife mails you that her flight will be delayed four hours?

  1. Reply, “No problem xo” and pick her up at the new time.
  2. Free turn.
  3. Free turn.
  4. Free turn.

(Some multiple-choice problems are easier than others.)

Like any other method of viewing life, you can fit anything to the multiple-choice method.

What do you do when your 16-year old daughter proposes meeting for dinner before you head home?

  1. Meet…

Photo By Michael Scott

Teaching a teenager

Weather is hot and I’m walking around the back yard checking on the vegetables and thinking about teaching. There is something small and black in the grass.

Ninety percent of what we teach our kids, we teach by example, so set a good example.

It is a, what is it? It looks like a leaf, but it is a dead slug with ants and flies on it.

The zucchini are doing okay, as always. The Hokkaido squash is a big disappointment. Or, rather, a small disappointment. I might fertilize those guys better next year. …

Natali and Laurent, wet plate collodion, by author

The world is broken and miraculous.

Last fall, I modeled for Vienna photographer Agnes Prammer (and wrote about it on my own blog here). Agnes is, to my knowledge, one of two professional wet plate photographers in Austria (the other being Stephan Sappert).

Last weekend, I attended a workshop given by Agnes and fell in love with wet plate photography.

Wet plate collodion photography dates back to the mid-1800s. It is a finicky process. If you are fast, you can prepare, expose and develop a single plate in about fifteen minutes,and any number of things can go wrong with the chemicals, exposure and processing. …

Photo by squacco

Eventually, something will get you.

  1. The dog can be dominated or outwitted. Peaceful co-existence with the tortoise is possible, and adviseable.
  2. Ruin all the furniture you want. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.
  3. If it requires a thumb, just get a human to do it.
  4. Remember to stretch, and enjoy sunbeams.
  5. Purr, and people will keep doing whatever they are doing.
  6. You really do have nine lives. You’re not always dead, even when they find you dead in the street, rain pouring down. They bury you under the apple tree because that was your favorite spot and stand there in the rain saying a…

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