A New Adventure and a Special Thanks

Mig Reyes
Mig Reyes
Mar 11, 2016 · 2 min read
Basecamp illustration by Nate Otto.

After taking time away from work since the beginning of the new year, I’m excited to share that after four meaningful years at Basecamp, I’m charged up for my next big adventure in design.

Basecamp was a special opportunity for me as a trained graphic designer to explore what it truly means to run a successful business. Alongside Jason Fried and the rest of the company, I practiced writing, I practiced coding, I practiced selling. These weren’t job requirements, they were job perks.

There’s a lot of industry pressure placed on us as employees — regardless of our individual role — to learn new skills in our personal quests to become top-level, highly employable talent. In typical Basecamp “fuck what the industry says” fashion, they showed me that growing your skills can be framed as “learn this if you feel like you’ll grow personally” instead of “learn this because you have to.”

Here are a few passing reflections shaped from my four years of being in the trenches at 37signals/Basecamp.

Learn to code not because you want to be more employable, learn to code because you’re curious on how things work.

Learn to design not because you want to create something beautiful, learn to design because you want to make life easier for people.

Learn to write not because you want to be a thought leader, learn to write because you want to better connect with the world.

Learn to sell not because you want to drive revenue, learn to sell because it’s how we move others.

If you hate something, make something.
If you love something, make something.

These are just a few things I can’t wait to bring to my next adventure.

To Jason, David, and the Basecamp crew: thanks for giving me the opportunity to become a better designer and an even better man.


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