Seven Guidelines for Building a Strong Relationship With You Baby

Do you use baby talk with your baby, whether newborn, 6 months old, almost 1 year, or even past 1 year old? If you do, have you pondered why you speak to your baby in that language whereas you speak differently to other persons? I challenge that you could speak to your baby as you would with everyone else.

In my new book “Goo Goo Gaga: A Guide to Communicate with Your Baby” I challenge this common practice. My premise is based on know that your baby was born after having listened to you for nine months while still in the womb. She knows your voice and has already established a relationship with you. She has to learn to communicate with you, and she must learn this brand new environment — which can be cold, dark, and scary at times. Your responsibility as the parent is to leverage the trust she has from your words and to mentor her in her new career as a person.

This book is written with seven concise guidelines for communicating with your baby and establishing a strong relationship. As a parent of twin toddlers, at the time of this writing, I understand how little me-time is available. I know leisurely reading may be difficult to start, let alone reading for educational purposes. I empathize with your current parenting situation or the one you will soon start. This book is intentionally written to be short and to the point so you may start “doing” rather than just “reading.”

The seven concise guidelines are:

  1. Avoiding Baby Talk
  2. Using Active Language
  3. Using Positive Language and Tone
  4. Using Encouragement and Constructive Feedback
  5. Providing Guidelines and Follow Through
  6. Playing Games
  7. Praising

Not only do I explain the guidelines, I provide a starter guide to assist you in starting to apply the guidelines.

My wish for you is to build strong communication with your baby now that will continue for the years to come. My wife and I have strong communication with our children and I have seen the benefits of other parents having built it with their children.

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