Social Media: How it affects Personal Relationship

Based on your article, I would like to consider that I am the type of person who sees the glass half full. Social media is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly. It is hard to say that any type of bullying is justified. Nevertheless, it is important to evaluate the impact of what is being published online. I normally tend to see social media as an extension of my communication circle. If I want to express my opinion on politics or conflicts that I might encounter with work colleagues during the day, the approach that I follow is to simply stop and think about what I would say in front of the person that I am referring to. It is hard to tell if the method that I follow will prevent any form of cyber-bullying in the future. However, I have seen several examples of comments posted online where it becomes difficult to imagine that people would not respond aggressively due to the nature of these posts.

There are certainly moments in which I would like to share my frustrations and probably add a few rude comments about people. This is the part where being mature plays a significant part, understanding that anger is only a temporary state and that I might be better off controlling my emotions for the day.

A few years ago, I watched a YouTube video which helped me to reinforce my current social media behavior. I would recommend to take a look if you have time.

What would be interesting for a new blog is to explore how organisations have managed to harness the power of social media or the by the contrary examples of social media damaging brands’ reputation. A particular case that comes to mind is DELL HELL where the organisation suffered serious reputational damage from a comment made by a single customer.