Hunter Health Partners with KingFit

WICHITA, KS. April 8, 2019 — Hunter Health chooses KingFit to provide diabetes education to their patient population.

Miguel Johns
Apr 8 · 2 min read

We are excited to have Hunter Health as a partner. Healthcare organizations understand that video content is a growing part of their patient population’s lives. Up to this point, organizations have bought into our content based on the need for video, our experts, the fact that we follow national guidelines, the quality and the accessibility.

We want to take our value proposition to the next level and offer measurable outcomes produced by patients engaging with our video content.

Our partnership with Hunter Health will give us clinical outcomes, based on how our content impacts an individual’s health literacy and self-efficacy.

Patients will complete a diabetes quiz and self-efficacy questionnaire before viewing the KingFit content. The patients will then complete the same quiz and questionnaire at 90 days.

Health literacy is well documented as a key player in one’s ability to have well-managed diabetes.

Among people with type 2 diabetes, inadequate health literacy is independently associated with worse glycemic control, higher rates of retinopathy, and lower self-rated health. — NIH

Research published in Diabetes Spectrum stated this about the power of self-efficacy…

Those whose diabetes was well controlled were confident in selecting appropriate foods when hungry and in their ability to exercise for 15–30 minutes, four to five times per week.

We believe that by giving patients access to outcomes-based diabetes education content, we can move the needle on health literacy and self-efficacy. We believe this will bring additional value to diabetes management and prevention programs around the world.

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Miguel Johns

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CEO at KingFit