Vision Care Direct Chooses KingFit for Diabetes Prevention Video Content

WICHITA, KS. Jan. 22, 2019 — Vision Care Direct’s patented technology detects diabetes 10 years before onset.

Vision Care Direct (VCD) is leading the charge, bringing together a fleet of partners to combat the increasing prevalence and rising costs of diabetes in an employee organization.

VCD will be using patented technology that will allow them to locate prediabetics up to 10 years before an A1C blood draw would show evidence. — James Ashford

One of those partners is KingFit.

KingFit will be providing bite-sized, diabetes prevention educational videos to employees who scan for prediabetes. Our content will give these employees the foundational education to make the right decisions for their health.

In the health and wellness space, we now know that someone either is ready to change bad habits, or they are not. No special program can change this fact. Our goal is to provide that first step (basic education) for the people who are ready. With our content, the employee can make an educated decision on how to incorporate healthy habits into his or her life. — Miguel Johns

Cherokee Nation Casinos and Creek Nation Casinos are the first two employers testing the offering from Vision Care Direct that will launch this year.

For the employees who scan for Type-2 diabetes, James mentioned companies Onduo and Biotelemetry as the other partners included in the package.

Stay tuned to find out more in 2019!

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