So here’s what’s happening in Brazil right now
Carol Nogueira

This can only be a joke, a misinformation festival. Left-wing fanatics here in Brazil have an absurd ability to distort reality, they are desperate because the monopoly of the Power they conquered here is crumbling completely. These people no longer have any rational argument, they defend the indefensible: a party that wanted to take Brazil for itself. So what remains for them is to lie, to put fear in people, to create a chaotic scenario, only what they know how to do is label, attack people, call everyone who opposes them as homophobic, racist, Nazi and other derogatory and criminal terms . They do not recognize the mistakes they made, they spit in the face of the Brazilians, especially the poorest, who were deceived, robbed and alienated by them. Jair Bolsonaro is not the best option to keep Brazil in a democracy, he's the ONLY one right now. Anyone who stops to read the governing plan of the Workers' Party and is not blinded by ideology can see how they intend to be authoritarian, want to censor the media, reduce police investigative power and get Lula out of jail (the biggest mobster/gangster of our Nation). They literally want to strike our democracy, but fortunately they won't - unless they cheat the voting machines. But the people will certainly answer this in the streets. Ohh, just one more comment: Menace to South America are those who defend Socialism. We're sweeping all this garbage from Brazil.