ACA NETWORK( Advertisement has a new face)

Before I go deep into what this coin is all about, let me define some words so when you come across them in the process of reading this article you would understand them.

Ad category: Category of advertising products

Ad production Partner: Production locations, companies, and groups for content required to producing ads

Advertiser : Companies, groups and individual who use ACA network to advertise

Advertising Media: Various means (advertising vehicles) such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and internet by which promotional messages are communicated to the public using words, speech, and pictures.

Affiliate: An advertising mean that determines the achievement of the performance the advertiser has specified and the reward from the achievement

CPA (Cost Per Action): The unit price per user action. The cost of the ad paid per action when a user takes a specific action through and advertisement.

CPC (Cost Per Click): The cost of clicking on an ad once

CPI (Cost Per Install): The cost of installing an application once.

CPM (cost Per Mille): The cost of delivering an ad 1,000 times through the medium.

ECPM (effective Cost Per Mille): An estimate of the revenue that a medium gets when an ad is delivered 1,000 times

CPP (Cost Per Period): The payment method for a specific time period, regardless of impression or click- through rate .

CTR (Click Through Rate): The percentage of clicks to ad impressions converted as a percentage.

CVR (Conversion Rate): the number of visitors that took an action such as a purchase, subscription, or inquiry through the advertisement as a percentage.

DApp (Decentralized Application): Abbreviation for a decentralized application running on a distributed P2P network.

Expression category: Category of the methods of expressing the ad itself such as banners, etc. (e.g., entertainers, use of characters, etc.).

IMP(impression): The number of times an ad has been exposed to a user, with a number added every time the user reconnects.

RTB(Real-time Bidding): The methods of buying online ads in impression by real-time bidding.

Now to the real business of the day WHAT IS ACA NETWORKS?

The ACA Network is an online ad decentralized application created to transparently manage the creation and execution of advertisement and the transfer of goods using the Ethereum Smart Contract and to provide sustainable platform for market participants (advertisers, ad-producers, and advertising media). Additionally, it is comprised of three apps:
• Advertising Management System(ACA-AMS),
• Automated Matching Ad Exchange
• Ad Network & SDK (ACA-NET)

Let me break it down one after the other for better understanding

  1. ACA Advertising Management System (ACA-AMS)
    ACA-AMS is a dApp for the communication between advertisers and ad production partners and for a rapid ad production and provides the following functions.

• Successful biding after checking out the ad draft of participation ad producers by releasing a bidding notice stating the requirements.
• Purchase after viewing the draft proposed by the ad production partner
• Upload self-produced advertisement
• Protect rights
• Conciliate disputes
• Manage history
• Target categories of advertising media

  1. ACA Advertising Exchange (ACA-EX)
    This is an exchange for matcing advertisement banners and advertising media.On this exchange, contracts and exposures are conducted in real time with the best match based on the advertiser’s budget, requirement,type of advertising media, and evaluation score. The exchange supports the following advertisements.
    • Banner Ad
    • Full-size banner ad
    • Video ad
    • Native ad
    • Search ad

The exchange also designates the exposure method.

  1. CPI (Cost per Install)
  2. CPM (Cost per mile)
  3. CPA (Cost per Action)
  4. CPP (Cost per period)

Finally, there are two types of markets depending on the way ads are contracted:

  1. Exchange fort Automatic Ad serving
  2. Exchange for Reserved Ad serving

In order to effectively arrange the advertisement, each advertisement and each advertisement slot has its category of advertisement product/ advertising media, and there exists an expression category according to the characteristics of the advertisement / advertisement slots. In addition, the exchange has the information on the targeted users of the advertisement so, trading automatically matched advertisements and advertisements slots in real time based on the aggregate of prices set according to the score of the past advertisement slot history and of budget ranges set by the advertising media and advertising slots, while the advertising media may exclude specific advertisers or categories.

ACA Advertising Network & SDK (ACA-NET)
The ACA platform is a SDK for the distribution of produced advertisement, including mobile, web, and various smartphone-native application. The display of the advertisement, the collection of information on usage and confirmations are strictly implemented in accordance with the contracts made on the ACA Exhange with payments made immediately upon confirmation


Token Distribution
Issues token will be distributed as follows

Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a member of the project team or its representative but an advocate of this incredible project