Listen to Motivational Garbage

This is not supposed to be my topic of today. It s supposed to be Artificial Intelligence. (I write that so i have to hold myself accountable for it so be on the look out for that). But back to the topic I noticed that i was a little depressed and i needed a boost just a tad boost. If you are one of those people that never needs a boost of motif. Awesome. That’s really cool. But some of us need a boost just something to start that engine and get the goal crushing( because goal reaching is just not as literary visually aesthetic) started.

I was one of the people that would say things like. Who needs motivational videos? That’s all fake. It only motivates me for a second and then I am back to where I was before. Its all for weak minded people.

Yup that’s true. Some of it is just some dude who figured out a way to sell something and package it to you. But some of it is not. Who needs those videos? I do. Sometimes. I am a get high on life kinda person… but.. sometimes life doesn't cut it. Sometimes its just beats me down to the point I feel like Who cares. Those are the times I pop in a Joe Rogan Be the Hero of Your own movie, Joko Willink’s Discipline = Freedom , or any of Gary V’s Videos of him yelling at you to get motivated. And they work. My favorite is the classic Arnold rules.You know which Arnold.

The motivational videos/audios work for me because they are full of emotions. And so was i before i watched I was full of sadness, stress or lethargy. Which brings the question if i am going to be feeling something today why not good? The videos remind me why to ask myself why I started and reality check myself. I get up lifted again. reassess and get at it. Its Just for a sec. Just a bump.

I have it as a rule to only listen to people I feel have accomplished something. But sometimes I get a little wild too and I add your standard Tony Robbins type character in there because lets face it, he is really good at public speaking.