Dan Hannan and Owen Jones are both wrong on Portugal
Chris Hanretty

I am awestruck by comments written here — especially by people I’m assuming are portuguese. The problem with what happened has little to do with Cavaco’s decision — he had the legitimacy to do it and most were expecting him to even though it’s a pointless waste of time and further adds to the “uncertainty of the markets” about Portugal — and everything to do with his speech following the announcement of his decision.

He has no right to question any type of majority lightly and even less right to publicly admit to not allowing any type of “extreme-left” parties (that aren’t really extreme-left at all) to rule in Portugal. That’s not his choice to make, given his role in Portuguese politics shouldn’t be his opinion to express and even a lot of his party peers have come out publicly condemning his speech. I think this article was written by someone who didn’t fully grasp the implications of what was said and how it was said.

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