Nine days of traveling alone in one of the most beautiful places in the world

Last week I was traveling alone through Norway, a place I really wanted to visit after seeing many really beautiful and amazing pictures on the internet.

In the beginning, the “alone” part was not planned. The idea was to rent a car along with other four friends and go driving and camping to some of the places I’ll talk about later and many others. But in the end, it was not possible. Since I really wanted to visit Norway I decided to pack my backpack and go alone hitchhiking. …

Two days of hacking for fun at the Spotify HQ

One of the reasons I came to Sweden for my exchange studies was to get to know the Swedish startup and software scene, particularly what’s going on in Stockholm. With its hipster, alternative, creative and innovative culture, I think Stockholm is a great place in Europe for innovating and creating great startups. Just take a look at how many cool startups that have been founded there: Spotify, Truecaller, Detectify, Klarna, King, iZettle, Bloglovin, SoundCloud and many others.

As stated in the event website, the goal of this hackathon was…

My summary of two days of great talks about Python and other cool topics in Stockholm

PyCon Sweden finished and I really enjoyed it. It was two days full of really interesting talks and great people mainly from the Stockholm startup scene and from the university KTH. The three main effects that these days had on me were:

  • I love Python even more. Yes, it’s hard to believe that even more since I already loved it so much.
  • I’m more interested (I was before already) in coming back to Sweden one day in the future for working or for pursuing a MSc in Computer Science…

Originally posted at on January 23rd, 2014.

Last night I decided to see what I could do with Brainfuck, which I had seen many times, but never coded. I came up with a simple program that receives a binary number as input (in ASCII characters, so 1 is 49 and 0 is 48) and prints the next one.

I read a little bit about Brainfuck and its 8 commands and I realized that Brainfuck simulates a Turing Machine over a limited tape, by allowing to move a pointer through an array of 30000 bytes initialized to zero. …


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