Fifth Joirnal: (2nd Qtr.) Fifth Week

This week was so productive. This month of October is the Month of Holy Rosary so we did different activities in CLE. We celebrated also the Teacher’s Day this week. I will tell you what I did this week.

Monday, me and other CAT officer went to the La Trinidad Village because we got the statue of Mother Mary. We put the statue to our school and many students waited to Mother Mary to offer roses. We had our quiz in English Elective. During our Homeroom time our adviser gave us our PNS and I had lack one activity in Filipino. After the class me and my mother went to Bayan to buy a fabric for tomorrow’s activity in TLE.

Tuesday, we had our quiz in Science. In TLE we didn’t do our activity because Ms. May got mad to us because last Friday after our performance task we didn’t clean our classroom and we leave it dirty. The whole time of TLE we only talked about the classroom and ourselves. After the class we planned a surprise gift and appologize for Ms. May because tomorrow is Teacher’s Day. After the class me and my group went to Sir Anthony to interview about him because that is our performance task in English Elective.

Wednesday, that day is Teacher’s Day. We prepared gifts like flowers that is made in colored paper and we wrote letters to Ms. May. We also bought teddy bears and chocolates. The SCB created a program to the teachers and the theme is “Teachers Got Talent”. One student of each grade impersonated their adviser and in our section Nicole impersonated Ms. May.

Thursday, we did our performance task on TLE and I did pillow. We had our quiz in Filipino. In CLE time we did a rosary in our own materials. I did rosary made up of beads and the color is green. In PE we practiced the cha cha dance and my partner is Eizel. Friday, we went to church and attended mass because that day is First Friday of October.

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