First journal: First week

Being a student is so great, beacause you will learn many, good, and new things. Our school is our second home. This is where we study, play, and to be discipline so that we will have a better future. As a student of BSCS, I’m so happy in our activities every school days. And i will gonna tell you the things that I did in my first week of school.

My first day of school was so very happy. I was also surprised, beacause i thought that we will have two section in Grade 9, but when I saw the section there’s only one, and me and my friends were class classmate again. We met our subject teachers and we met new teachers too. We also met our adviser and that is Ms. Ma. May C. Agar. We have one new classmate from Francisco High School and her name is Tanya.

We wrote some lecture in our different subjects, not in a L.A.S. but in a notebook. Our school didn’t use the D.L.P. kind of studying. I miss L.A.S. because when I started studying in BSCS we used it. We answered some book activities and we always pray before and after the subject. My classmates also voted me as a treasurer in our classroom.

We did some fun activities in the school last week. We cook different appetizers in every grouo in TLE. Our group made a clubhouse on stick and all of us did great. We played also during our P.E. time at gymnasium. After our dismissal we played with my friends at the St. Dominic to play basketball.

I enjoy my first week in BSCS. I’m excited to all upcoming activities and lesson this school year. I hope that i can do all the activities in the school and I promise to study harder and become a responsible student.

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