#SFWiFi — Ready for #Pride2016!

Our mission to connect San Francisco took another step forward, with a round of enhancements for #SFWiFi, just in time for Pride 2016!
The People’s Palace | San Francisco City Hall

I’m so proud of our team at the San Francisco Department of Technology, who work hard for our community. While you may not see us, we’re likely to have the largest presence on Market Street this weekend.

Tim Cook poses for selfies at the Pride Parade in San Francisco, June 28, 2015 | Megan Hawkins | CNBC

I know, Apple and many others, historically show up with thousands of employees, family and friends to celebrate Pride in San Francisco, forming some of the largest contingents anywhere! We may not be nearly as visible as those crowds but we are there, helping with selfies, tweets and posts.

#SFWiFi | San Francisco’s Free Public WiFi Service

Just in time for Pride festivities that are expected to attract 1.7 million people, we’ve completed another round of enhancements to our #SFWiFi service on Market Street. As we’ve done before, these events help our iterative improvement approach to making public wifi service better and better, and also a lasting benefit to San Franciscans and the thousands of people to use our service on a daily basis.

Here is yesterday’s press release that gives a few more specifics:


Contact: Kathleen Clark


(415) 781–8574

San Francisco’s Department of Technology Enhances #SFWiFi in Time for Pride Celebrations
16 new access points added to Market Street and Justin Herman Plaza to provide connectivity for high-density population during Pride events

June 23, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO — Today, the Department of Technology announced 16 new access points added to the #SFWiFi network. The upgrades are intended to increase the network’s capacity to support greater density during large-scale events along Market Street, allowing more users to connect to the network simultaneously.

“We’re continuing to iteratively build a more robust #SFWiFi network to meet increasing consumption of Wi-Fi,” said Miguel Gamiño, San Francisco Chief Information Officer & Executive Director of the Department of Technology. “This latest upgrade was completed in time for Pride, an important event for the city and a great opportunity for us to continue to test the capabilities of the network,” said Gamiño.

For the upgrade, the Department of Technology installed 16 new access points along Market Street and in Justin Herman Plaza.

1.7 million visitors are expected in San Francisco for Pride events and celebrations.

The department last upgraded network infrastructure to meet demand produced by a large-scale event along Market Street in January; when an estimated 1.1 million visitors came to the city. The Department of Technology leveraged the event as an opportunity to stress test and improve the permanent publicly available Wi-Fi network. #SFWiFi saw over 9 million unique sessions in January of 2016.

“The Pride Parade and events like it, create the perfect conditions for us to measure the strengths and weaknesses at large scale events where people will want to connect and share their experiences digitally,” said Gamiño.


#SFWiFi is currently available on the Market Street corridor, in San Francisco Public Libraries, 33 parks, and seven San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Muni Metro lines stations. It is maintained by The Department of Technology and delivers service typically far-exceeding Federal Communications Commission defined “broadband” speeds of 25Mbps. More details on #SFWiFI are available at sfgov.org/sfwifi

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