Adaptive development: great progress and some niggles..
Pete Vowles 🇰🇪🇬🇧

I’ve always appreciated your perspective and your willingness to share your personal insights and lessons learned from DFID on Medium. Thank you!

I have had reservations about log-frames for years, because of the tendency to set low ambitions. I’m not aware of a better alternative that provides the requisite accountability while encouraging creative problem solving. Organizations of a certain size become increasingly risk-averse until the point that new approaches are rejected because the predetermined milestones are within reach.

It might be a stretch, but this reminds me of an article I read about how Future Health Systems applied the Develop-Distort Dilemma to their own work to see how their programs were having positive and negative impacts upon health systems in Bangladesh, China and Uganda.

This type of assessment may not translate to an annual review, but it could certainly help organizations to take a second-look at their existing metrics and see if they are looking at and measuring the right things.