I Dig Javascript and Code

Why I enjoy JS and Web Development

Hello, World. Whether you’re on Netflix, checking mobile sites, or reading an amateur’s Javascript op-ed post on Medium, you’re taking in some form of media and a good percentage of it today is digital. Media has countless ways to inspire, to connect, inform, etc. etc., but what excites me most is how it has become increasingly interactive, and in such a relatively short amount of time. I enjoy the pace of change, the evolution of code, and the concept of building something new in the browser — innovation is key to why I chose the developer path. The problem solving and the possibilities have always had me hooked. And lo, the road has led me to Javascript.

How I feel when code finally works…

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”
 — Morpheus, “The Matrix”

Aside from a brief overview in other courses, this is roughly the beginning of my journey with the language so I wouldn’t dare offer any opinions — but for now, it seems complex. Javascript, along with HTML and CSS, has the ability to make a page dynamic with multiple levels of interactivity. It can also be used to create games, mobile apps, etc. And who, WHO doesn’t like games? For now, I’m starting with code challenges. Here’s my solution for the well known Fizz Buzz puzzle, flexing the newbie muscles:

fizz-buzz Javascript

And this is why I enjoy code. To many it may look like jibberish, and to the majority it may just look like code. Me, I enjoy looking at this and reading it as a sentence that makes complete sense. And the more I code the less encoded these lines become; I’m updating to Miguel 2.0! In wrapping this up, I’m aware walking the complex path to mastering a coding language takes patience, will, dedication, and lots of coffee — but I’m up to the challenge. And coffee.

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