Reaction Post to React

First time ever I saw your interface

I didn’t want to ruin my first impression of React by googling random articles or tutorials. Nope, I wanted to save the unwrapping of the mysterious puzzle for the exact method in which my instructor suggested I take in the information. That being said, after weeks of immersing myself in Javascript, HTML, and CSS, this is an open and honest first reaction to viewing the usage and syntax of React. And here’s my reaction.

What just happened? Why is there HTML in my Javascript? It absolutely doesn’t make sense and makes sense at the same time.. like a PB and bacon burger. After the initial shock, I’m realizing that I’ll have to do a deeper dive into the terminology and RTFM to truly understand what’s happening. Renders, constructors, states, oh my! You can view a simple pen of some render syntax here. But at this point, what I understand is that it’s a component based solution that focuses on individual component states in order to bring them together and create complex UIs like Facebook and Instagram. One way it does this is by using the render method to receive input data and return what should be displayed, like in the above syntax link.

After this first glimpse of React I have a few assumptions, but I‘m pretty sure the way I’ve been building web apps so far will change in at least these few ways:

  1. There’ll be less HTML in my HTML. An obvious observation, but if there’s more pseudo html in my javascript that’s being directly placed in the DOM, then I should have less code in my index file.
  2. Components can be reused. So less duplicative code. From what I’ve read so far, it seems as though I can reuse the components that I’ve created elsewhere in my program which would mean much cleaner, less repetitive code.
  3. Code will be simplified. States seem like a game changer. I’m not sure how just yet, but I’ve got a feeling they are. So.. we’ll see.

I’m sure there’s a lot of changes that I’m unaware of seeing as I don’t necessarily feel like I have a full grasp on vanilla JS just yet, so I’m equally anxious and terrified as I move forward into this realm of JS. Stay tuned.

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