The Birth of an Idea is pure necessity and a Will to Change!

Everything started when my college refused me to attend their Master in Marketing and suddenly i didn’t knew what to do i didn’t had any plan for the future, i felt empty, anxious and stressed.

Those weren’t easy days, i saw myself as just a wanderer and tried to figure out the next step, so i started to drink tea to try to calm myself down and that lead me to change my attitude towards life, instead of seeing the challenges of not having a clear path i saw the opportunity of searching and finding my own path, the thing that fulfill me so that led me to my dream, having an impact on society and changing people lives.

So i looked back and saw that a lot of people are struggling with stress and anxiety in their lives and find very difficult to break free from that problem not living to all of their potencial.

Then i remembered the tea and their amazing properties so i searched and searched and found an amino acid that is the key to relaxation and focus and is able to decrease stress and anxiety levels.

That state of relaxation is so effective that the only other way to obtain it is by regular and intensive practice of meditation.

I spend the next year developing the perfect formula and testing it on myself. Then i started to give to friends and family to drink it and they became speechless about the positive effect that the drink has on their lives.

After i finish all of this process i risk everything and invest all of my money on this brand and product.

I am currently having meetings with investors and distribution and when everything is done i will launch it. Until then you just have to wonder and if you want any information all you have to do is ask.

The Inked CEO

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