Designed by Rita in Brooklyn

Since launching Rita in December 2016, we’ve been lucky enough to work with extremely talented entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place. We’ve also launched our official website as well as other communication efforts. We’ve even had some time to put together a place for our teammembers to create awesome projects via our lab. This has all been part of Phase I.

Phase I was all about getting Rita out there and putting everything in its place. Over the last eight months, we’ve built the foundation of Rita. Today, I’m excited to start Phase II: Designed by Rita in Brooklyn.

I’m sure “Designed by Rita in Brooklyn” will sound familiar to anyone who owns an Apple device — in fact, that’s exactly what influenced this name. Phase II is about honing in on what we do and focusing on what makes us different. Design and solving problems is what makes up Rita’s DNA. Being a team of creatives from Brooklyn, a place that inspires us to think outside the box every single day, is what makes us different.

During this next phase, we’ll be working on more amazing projects. We’ll also focus on growing our community. Specifically, we’ll be sharing a lot of content through our newsletter and website blog. What I’m most excited about is launching two exciting Rita initiatives. These initiatives will be announced soon and will be launched towards the end of the summer.

I’m extremely thankful for all of the support that so many have given Rita. I can’t wait to see where we continue to take Rita. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ritadigital to stay up to date with everything we’ll be doing during Phase II.

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