The limits of hacking life in some countries.

Here in Mexico, the president Enrique Peña Nieto had said that the country is the second place of new entrepreneurs just behind China, this is a great perspective of the new structural changes for the Mexican government that promotes the private investment.

Keeping the tendency promoted by the government, hundreds of mid-class youngsters and students are going to coaching courses, which price is over $9000 pesos ($560 dollars), to improve their skills, in these motivational speeches they learn how to be more productive and happier.

In a combination of theories of great millionaires and thinkers the people couched hope to have the recipe to success, for example a nearly friend tells me: “Is the coolest thing in the world and motivates me to grow, I’m hacking the life”.

But why it doesn’t works at all in countries like México.

I can see that my friends that have decided to make this first step to be better persons following popular associations dedicated to couching, are motivated to make great things, one of them is trying to organize events in nightclubs for upgrading the facilities of a nonprofit association.

This sounds nice, but the reality is that in México the 90% percent of the business and social projects fail, the entrepreneurs are lone leaders in a difficult environment of mediocrity and passiveness.

The people that are like cars with the full tank of gas get prepared with all the “hacking life techniques” at the beginning of the long and complicated way of success, the motivated youngsters start the route without the necessary support outside the couch and unfortunately they never see the results.

They don’t have the blame because they have the education, capacities, and the will, but is the context that makes impossible to stay at the same capacity of the unreachable millionaires that write best seller motivation books, at least the life is like that, nobody have the recipes of success in a changing and complicated environment.

There is no way to “hacking life” in some places with the theories of people who had reach the successful in different conditions, the solution is not easy but you make decisions and experiment with the environment, sometimes the things will be bad, but that is that you have to live to feel alive.

Everyday I read some motivational articles and blogs, by this way I have changed my long run perspective, but I’m making changes on all that theories and adapting them to a different and unique reality, the reality of a 24 years old student of economics from the Mexico City, the reality of a entrepreneur with hope in God, wishing that the spaces around me get better with the social infrastructure necessary for my generation.

“Don’t hack the life copying techniques literally, make your own life learning that you need in your environment and considering who you are.” Miguel A. Nuño aka Mike Nuvem