Note: Almost everything in this post is usable for any platform iOS, Android, Web or whichever technology you are working with.

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In the first post Charles: Tips and Tricks for iOS Devs (Vol. 1) I made a friendly step by step guide on how to configure and get started with Charles. As I mention in there post Charles opens a door to another world, from visualizing simple request to mocking data on the fly to fake an unexisting endpoint. In this post I will show you how to use Charles to mock data from an existing or non-existing endpoint.


Let’s start with a simple trick. I want to change the Explore section in Meetups App and change my location using Charles to see how it looks. As an example I´m going to change some parameters in the endpoint to fake my location in Japan. …


Miguelo Ruiz

iOS Developer / Mechatronic Engineer ■ @hola_miguelo ■

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