Without charging anything happens

If the above sentence describes your leading style, next time before starting to charge your team or anyone else for something that should have been done or hasn’t being done as you wish firstly answer to yourself the following questions:

1. Was I clear explaining what should be done? Did I use an understandable language? Did I check if full scope and deadline were understood?
2. Did I make priority clear? Did I make any change in this priority? If so, did I inform the new priority?
3. Did I create appropriate working conditions? Did I provide a good working atmosphere?
4. Did I check if the requirements for the task were according to the executioner capabilities? If not, did I give him time and means to acquire the necessary training?
5. Did I provide resources necessary for the accomplishment of the task? Tools, funds, people, team, support, technology or any other?
6. Did I give the time needed to accomplish the task with the appropriated quality level?
7. Did I give motivation, enthusiasm to perform the task with commitment?

If to all the above questions answers were affirmative and even so, the task was not performed to the satisfaction, most likely who is performing the task is not the professional you need and therefore should not be working in your company. So, ask yourself:

8. Why haven’t I fired him or her yet?
In short, before starting to charge someone for something that should have been done, ask yourself:

9. Where did I go wrong?