Spiritual Attraction Part 3

The gig

The silence stood there like a boulder on the edge of a cliff, my head was empty, as I was finishing the last details, my head was only focused on her, I remember I even forgot to turn in the mic channel on, I would regret that later.

I said hello, nervously, I was sweating! I felt really stupid, slow but weightless at the same time. The party was not so crowded, the mood was perfect, hippie shit, perfect weather, a fire burning next to the little stage and a panther-eyed girl staring right at me.

While playing some things went wrong, like the mic turned off.. But still I enjoyed it, pressure was taken of my shoulders, the only thing left was a freedom like state I normally get after playing, if like exposing yourself in front of people, opening your mind through your actions and words, made me transparent.

So we finished playing, I got off stage, packed everything up, got a beer and obviously went straight to where she was standing.

It was clear for me, there was perfect chemistry between our substance, it was kind of weird for me, feeling how she came to me when I’m used to be the one going..

The whole night was perfect, we talked for hours, I felt really comfortable around her, she was feeling the same I know.

Without saying goodbye, she was gone.. The party felt empty without her.. I was gone.

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