Spiritual Attraction pt. 5

Huichol traditional ceremony

The night went perfectly, at least I felt it that way, we talked non stop about almost everything, I realized that we had more in common than what I thought you could have in common with someone.

At some point I went to bar to get another drink, when I turned back to the table and saw her sitting there with a red and black squared shirt that was to big for her, I thought to myself “Why is a woman like that, having a drink with me?”, she is by far the most beautiful human I’ve seen, I still find my self this days, finding no other beauty like hers, after a couple of drinks I drove her home, knowing that I would see her the next day.

My Saturday started slowly, i spent the day, getting ready for the night, eating peyote is not a “have fun and laugh” thing for me, my later experiences with him were really deep, facing problems I didn’t know I had, the feeling of being in limbo and some other things, made me doubtful about eating hikuri (Huichol word for peyote) again without preparing correctly.

I arrived to the place where the ceremony was taking place, butterflies flying everywhere, a big fire was heating stones for a temazcal (ancient ritual in which a group of people go inside a small dome made of clay, then the stones that were previously burned in the fire, are put inside of the tent, water is poured on them and steam fills the place, resembling the womb from where we came out)


She arrived with her peace aura around her, she smiled, we entered the temazcal, I could not believe she was there, eyes closed, breathing slowly, breathing fire. After it we changed clothes for something warmer, the rainy weather proposed an interesting night, we sat around the holy fire and got ready for the ceremony.


What happened during the peyote ritual is something that deserves a whole story, but I can say that it was perfect, the vision, the peace and work went flawless.

The ceremony ended when the sun came up, light blue skies over my head, the silhouette of a tree against the rising sun, a panther eyed girl staring at the morning fire.

My brain wanted to spend the whole day with her, but my soul felt different, I walked all the way home feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of time.

As I stepped into my house, I found an empty frame in the kitchen, don’t ask why I took it upstairs to my studio, as soon as I walked in, I turned to the right where I have a series of photos hanging in the wall. A photo of a cat staring at the horizon caught my attention, the frame between my fingers and the cat made a click in my head.

I waited until midnight, got in the car and drove to her place, when I got to her condo, I figured out that calling her at that time and giving her a photo, would make me look like a stalker, even though it felt right for me, I was and still am conscious about her own independent existence, so I decided to leave the photo with the guard of the condo and drove home.

When I got home, I changed into my pajamas and texted her “ I left something with the guard, please don’t ask why, it just made perfect sense in my mind”.

It made perfect sense, can’t explain why, as if the threads of life were visible, not for my eyes, but for my heart, later I would find that lots of decisions in life, must be made by heart and not by choice, the mind realm is nothing compared to the love/life realm, she makes me actually see that realm and lucky for me, moving there is not that hard for me. I think.

This is the actual photo i gave to her