Do You Need to Join a Herpes Dating Site?

Those who are living with a life-altering herpes find themselves facing possible ridicule and rejection, which is often the basis for driving them into their own private prison of confinement. Many times people who live with herpes or other STD will remain alone for long periods of time rather than face the rejection. Rejections that are based on nothing more than a society who lacks education on the topic of herpes and most likely a fear of the unknown.

You might be debating whether or not to sign up to an online dating site for people with herpes or had an unsatisfactory experience with one in the past. Do people with herpes need to join a special herpes dating site? The short answer is no. You can join any dating site on the internet. Though, this can cause problems. Herpes will become a major obstacle in the pursuit of a relationship. Dating when you have herpes is likely quite difficult at times. From people being judgmental to the awkward moment when you have to explain your situation to a new partner and potentially facing rejection as a result, it is probably one of the harder situations to deal with on your own.

You may have the following problems when you start to date negative partners.

THE WORRY in not knowing how to tell someone about your infection.

THE UNCERTAINTY of not knowing when is the best time to tell them.

THE POSSIBILITY of what they will think of you and how will they react when you do tell them.

THE CHANCE of being rejected.

THE RISK that someone you tell, may in turn tell others about your infection.

THE THOUGHT of spreading the virus to negative partner.

THE FEAR of feeling dirty in other people’s eyes.

If a person living with herpes does not find themselves feeling comfortable or confident in talking about their status, they cannot risk the pain or worry about a potential partner’s reaction, you might consider using an online dating sites for people with herpes. Imagine, never having to have that talk again! You can browse and correspond with people who already share your big secret, so getting beyond that barrier leaves you wide open for love and all the wonderful treasures it brings with.

Plus, many of the herpes websites offer community support. Rather than feeling isolated or embarrassed by their conditions, users are able to communicate with e-friends, professionals, potential love matches and anybody else who has an idea of what’s going on with them. The stigma of dating with STDs doesn’t need to rule anybody’s life, so if you happen to be struggling with the average bar/mutual friend scene, why not give online dating for folks who can relate to your dilemma a go?

The goal of services like this is to match people who have the same infections so that they don’t need to worry about transmitting them to one another. It also takes the process of disclosing one’s status — something that many people find to be anxiety-inducing — and makes it a non-issue. You click a box, and that’s it. No need to find the “right time” or “right way” to tell a partner when using this dating method.

Herpes dating sites can make dating very much easier because:

You don’t have to do “The Talk”

You can’t infect the person with herpes if they have it already

You have something in common (though it might be awkward telling people where you met)

If you both have the virus, maybe